30 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged.


Working on Facebook isn’t easy, with your newsfeed flooded with engagement, marriage and new borns flashing constantly.

Life after college is truly tough! So, why not take the easy way out and get married? Right?
At this age, you don’t even know who are, who you want to be, leave alone spending your entire life with a stranger in case of arrange marriages.

Yes, I think it is very important to settle down, but before that it is very important to know yourself, your dreams, do enough of what you love rather than giving up on it one fine morning because you are engaged!

You don’t need to be with anybody to feel special or secure! I have been living my life my way and it’s perfect. Unlike most of my friends who studied with me I’m at least living my dream, finished my education, living in a new city, working on my dream job, getting to know myself, tried rafting and skiing and loved it, started my own blog and it’s shit awesome!

For all those who are engaged or married, GOOD LUCK! No offense, sometimes it’s not even your choice.

And, for all those who are single, live life to the fullest, because life is short and there is so much to be explored. So, sit back, relax because we are in a relationship with fun and freedom 😉


To Tequila and Lemon, here are few pointers to enjoy!


1. Work Out.
Everyone knows that we tend to get lazy when we have someone. Some men shave less often, while some women dress less sexy.
Hit the ‘gym’ and feel sexy!

2. Be Bad.
Do things that will make you feel young and slightly care-free! Most men are usually forced to tame up a bit when they are taken, so when you are single, go crazy!

3. Volunteer.
One great way to open your eyes is to help others. That way you meet interesting people and you will end up cherishing what you already have 😀

4. See your friends.
Bachelorhood couldn’t be better 🙂

5. Take a vacation.
Have frequent getaways to the places you like, travel all the places you have been wanting to go all your life. Vacation with friends is best, but going away somewhere alone is the perfect thing ever!


6. Improve yourself.
Develop a hobby. Learning has no age! Find your dream job and do it!

7. Explore a new world.
Switch from your regular beer to wine. Try some Arabic food, read that thick Dan Brown book, play the guitar, learn French. The list is endless, trust me!

8. Appreciate the absence of compromise.
If you’ve been in a relationship before, you realize how much stuff you had to give up in order to make that relationship work. So, respect and enjoy your current flexibility.
P.S. You can TALK to ALL Boys and Girls :p

9. Spend a weekend with a married couple of your age.
On lonely nights, it’s common for single folks to envision marriage as a cozy scene, but spend 48 hours with a real couple and you’ll learn that in between the snuggling and pet names comes growling, bickering, silent treatments and maybe even a slammed door or two before they ultimately compromise.

10. Don’t come home all night.
Your wish! 😀


11. Buy something hugely impractical just because YOU LOVE IT.
No need to manage the grocery budget or the use the money saved for your 2nd honeymoon.

12. Misbehave.
Scare a stranger, make faces at a kid, and laugh loudly. Life is perfect!


13. Train for (and finish) a huge physical test like a half marathon.
It’s totally worth it!

14. Get drunk during the day.
Just because YOU CAN!


15. Crash a wedding.
Remembering the scene from 3 idiots, hilarious!

16. Sit at a bar by yourself.
Drink a cosmopolitan. Cool!

17. Invest.
In a LBD (Little Black Dress), sexy stilettos, a hot tuxedo or just some Armani cufflinks 😉

18. Finish all your schooling if you can.

19. Host a girls-night ONLY.
I think some coupled women forget the need and importance of this. Guys, you too can have a game night or beer night only.

20. Shop.
You can shop for all those skimpy, bright coloured hot dresses online without needing anybody’s approval except your best friends!


21. T.G.I.F.
Check out cute boys or the hot chick at the club, instead of holding your fiancée’s hand.

22. Alone time.
You can watch the pretty little liar episode till you doze off on your laptop with those dirty old pyjamas on!


23. Drive back your guy best friend’s car when he is drunk.

24. Ah! Sundays!
No waking up early on Sundays, especially after a drunk Saturday night or maybe an early Sunday morning 😉

25. Be Selfish.
Do what you love, love what you do, PERIOD.

26. Cut your hair.
Cut it really short, or just keep it the way you love it!


27. Explore a new religion.
It’s insightful.

28. Bake.
Bake a cake. Bake as many as you want to and have it all by yourself!

29. Make out with a stranger.
Can you think of doing that after being engaged? Oops! :p

30. Get a tattoo.
Do something more permanent than marriage.


To be happy and single it shows that your happiness doesn’t depend on other people.
I feel proud of what I am today and wish that more young boys and girls would pursue their dreams instead of getting hitched!


Cheers to Singlehood!
~ thesortedlife.


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