Top 10 things to do today to make yourself Happy!

Happiness is so interesting, because we all have different ideas about what it is and how to get it.
I have 10 suggestions, most of which on their own do shift people into happy—but combined together they are kick-ass vibe lifters!

Do some, and have fun 😉

1. Go for a run. A nice long run! Run until you feel GOOD.
     The absolute best feeling. Nothing but the road ahead and your heart beating to the music.

2. Call someone you “L.O.V.E.”
     Be it your mother, your soul-mate, your old college friend. It’s always good to feel you have people who you can genuinely love and fall back upon 🙂

3. Delete your so called, “Friends!”
    There’s no need to have 2,000 friends on Facebook! Keep the people whom you actually communicate with and care about. Ditch the girl who envies you, your younger brother’s middle school friends, and that guy you met at that bar that one time!

4. Smile 🙂
    a. Smiling is one way to reduce the stress.Psychologists call this the “facial feedback hypothesis.” Forcing a smile even when you don’t feel like is enough to lift your mood slightly.
    b. Smile at a stranger. It will make both of you smile 🙂

5. Sing a Song.
     Play your favourite songs and sing along. Singing causes the brain to release chemicals which will make you feel happy, and you will burn calories as well as had some fun too! Make time for this every day!

6. Sleep More.
   We all know that sleep helps our bodies to recover and repair itself. It is also important for our happiness. For a little while, you forget everything 🙂

7. Get Dirty!
     No, Not what you are thinking! Go outside, ride a cycle, take a nap on the grass, plant a seed, pick flowers, run with your dog.

8. Write “Thank You” notes.
     Being grateful always helps! It makes you feel blessed and adds a reason to your smile!

9. Take Pictures.
     Take photographs of everything. Happy and cute pictures causes our brains to remember the good times, and feel the same happiness so this usually works even when everything else fails! 

10. Watch Funny Videos.
       This is surely delightful! It makes you feel at ease and happier for sure! 

Feeling happy is just a matter of doing things that you enjoy. These simple tips should ensure you feel happy everyday, and would make you feel at your best!
On that note, have a Happy Day every day!



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